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Fun waterfront Restaurants in Miami and Broward

Fun waterfront Restaurants in Miami and Broward County



  • Island Garden

The deck at Island Garden in Miami should be on everyone’s bucket list. It offers the most exquisite dock and dines experience from its yacht marina outdoor lounge experience that gives you the Maldives vibe. The environment is soothing and surrounded by trees that relax the mind. People often enjoy a cold beer or cocktail while dancing to some music and relishing the breeze. Guest also enjoy taking selfies and photos at Island Garden due to its most spectacular South Miami sunset views. It is possible to arrive at Island Garden by land or sea before sitting at the cabana lounges and taking in Downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay’s beauty. The Chefs offer signature seafood dishes that are always fresh and finger-licking.

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  • Shooters Waterfront front

Since 1982, Shooters Waterfront Fort has traded to customers in Florida. It offers majestic dockside views that leave guests and locals mesmerized with each visit. The restaurant is renowned for its welcoming, committed, and professional servers. These servers are committed to excellent customer service and go out of their way to ensure the comfort of all visitors.


The fresh seafood menu and relaxed atmosphere make the Waterfront perfect for birthdays, family unions, engagement parties, and other events. The menu features multiple cuisines that reflect the Fort Lauderdale Metropolitan Area dishes making it a unique tourist experience. Shooters also offer professional sushi classes, fashion shows, yoga sessions, among other interesting activities that have empowered the waterfront to nurture a solid relationship with new and regular clients.

Waterfront Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale

  • Garcias Sea Food Grille and Sea Market

Garcias is a blend of tradition, culture, simplicity, and modernity, which perfectly creates an ideal waterfront destination. The restaurant has served those in Miami for 48 years, and in doing so, has established significant connections with regular and new guests.

The restaurant was founded by the Garcia brothers, who have nurtured it to become an internationally recognized brand that sells some of the freshest seafood available directly from the Florida coast. There is a wide variety of seafood to choose from on the menu, including the Chefs specials at considerably affordable prices. Garcias offers meals for different occasions, and the staff works round the clock to guarantee customer satisfaction. The soothing sounds of the waters or the amazing sunsets from the waterfront are what the guests can enjoy and appreciate Garcias’ authentic feel and unique foods.

Waterfront Restaurant in Miami 

Garcias Sea Food Grille and Sea Market

Garcias Sea Food Grille and Sea Market

  • Two Gorges Restaurant

Standing majestically on the Boynton Intracoastal, the Two Gorges Restaurant has had its doors open for 60 years. Whether docking or walking to the restaurant, everyone is met by elegance and a unique ambiance provided by the waterfront location. With menus featuring the famous Maryland Crab Cakes, the Two Gorges gives vacation vibes to visitors who regularly enjoy cold cocktails and take pictures of the breathtaking water, which is usually beautifully illuminated by the sun. The restaurant’s menu serves every person fresh and tasty seafood along with healthy salads and appetizers. The food, the views, and the Live Music are also great for encouraging visitors and locals to mingle and connect.

Waterfront Restaurant in Boynton Beach

Two Gorges Restaurant

Square Grouper Tiki Bar

Square Grouper Tiki Bar is renowned for having featured in various music videos to hit songs. Alan Jackson’s hit “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere” with Jimmy Buffett was birthed at Square Grouper, and the bar has gained popularity locally and internationally. The restaurant is beautifully nestled between pine trees, giving one a relaxing holiday from its tropical vibe. It offers breathtaking water views of its Jupiter inlet and a lighthouse. Visitors enjoy unique signature cocktails, frozen beers, seafood, chicken, and other mouthwatering house delicacies. Music playing and the guests entertained as they chat away.

Waterfront Restaurant in Jupiter, Florida

1111 Love St, Jupiter, FL 33477




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