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Miami Real Estate Mentor

 Miami Real Estate Mentor

Miami Real Estate Mentor 

Miami Real Estate Mentor in Coral Gables Lauren Hershey, a successful real estate agent, and was once in your shoes. She knows the struggles of starting out in Miami’s competitive real estate world. Lauren wanted to help aspiring agents like you succeed. So she created a comprehensive mentorship program for new realtors.

With Lauren’s Miami Real Estate Mentor in Coral Gables, you will have access to her years of experience and insider knowledge on thriving in the industry. Lauren is here whether you need guidance on contracts or listings or just someone to answer all your burning questions.

What about leads

One key aspect of Lauren’s mentorship is helping you generate leads. Cold Calling calling can be intimidating for some people.  Lauren will teach you proven techniques to make it more effective and less daunting. Her guidance, you’ll soon be closing deals left and right. But it’s not just about making sales – Lauren also understands the importance of building client relationships. She will show you how to provide exceptional customer service and maintain long-term connections with your clients for future business opportunities. Rentals can also be a lucrative aspect of real estate that many new agents overlook.

With Lauren’s help, you’ll learn how to navigate this market and maximize your profits from rental properties, listings or home buyers.

I remember the day I graduated from real estate school, like yesterday. I was filled with excitement and anticipation for my new career as a real estate agent. But as the days went by, reality set in, and I felt lost and overwhelmed. Questions flooded my mind: What brokerage do I sign up with? What is my Commission split? How do I even start selling houses? I’m bad at reading contracts,

What about the 100% Commission brokerages

Like many others in my position, I considered joining a 100% commission brokerage.  Little did I know that this decision could have been the biggest mistake of my career. That’s when someone gave me valuable advice ( Top Producer at Keller Williams): ” Always appreciate the power of education and mentorship in this industry.” She said if you start at a 100% commission brokerage with no support or guidance, you won’t last six months. 

Feeling discouraged but determined to make it work. I asked her if she would mentor me. I joined her team at Keller Williams.

At first, it wasn’t easy. The commission split at Keller Williams was high; my mentor took a percentage. She was helping me build my skills and knowledge. I couldn’t think of the money.  But looking back now, it was the best decision I made for myself. Without that training, there is no way I could have gone this far. Of all those agents who graduated from real estate school with me, only 2% made it past their first year in business. Most importantly, those with proper education and mentoring were part of that successful 2%.

The truth is, your first year as an agent is crucial for your success in this industry. It’s all about learning how things work – from marketing techniques to negotiating deals – everything plays an important role. Without proper education and guidance from experienced mentors, getting lost and overwhelmed in this competitive field is easy. That’s why I started my Miami Real Estate mentorship program at Coldwell Banker in Coral Gables. I love helping people.

So how does this Miami Real Estate Mentorship work?

All prospective mentees must meet with Lauren to determine if they are a good fit for her exclusive program at Coldwell Banker Realty in Coral Gables. Once accepted, she will introduce you to her brokers, and they will give you the final approval.

PROMISE TO MENTOR / MENTEE  Miami Real Estate Mentor 

1. The Mentor promises to guide the Mentee through their first three transactions. The mentor may recommend education classes for the Mentee to meet their expected goals.

2. Consider scheduling regular meetings to review education, activity, appointments, transaction paperwork, and other related real estate items. The meetings can be in person or conducted over the phone. It’s best for the initial meeting to take place in person. Mentors and mentees may find it helpful to keep a log of meetings, discussions, phone calls, etc.

3. Mentor and Mentee will review all Buyer and Seller Forms together.

4. The Mentor will be available to the Mentee to answer questions and help with paperwork regarding the three transactions.

5. Mentee will work with mentor on their transactions to maximize the one-on-one learning experience.

6. Mentor and Mentee will work together and be mutually helpful to each other in the following areas

 Miami Real Estate Mentor Program Information

  1. Writing contracts – Cash contract, Finance contract, VA

  2. How to make money off leases – Half months rent for Commission-

  3. negotiating contracts – Inspection period, Money in Escrow, Appraisal

  4. Holding Open Houses

  5. conducting property searches – How to work the MLS

  6. preparing for open houses – Signs, advertising, getting leads

  7. Inspections – How do you find an inspector

  8. Preparing CMA’s Organization

  9. Mortgage broker – How do you find a mortgage broker

  10. Online reputation – I teach you how to get noticed online

  11. Previewing Properties Marketing

  12. Rental Leads – non-compete disclosure agreement will have to be signed

  13. ColdCalls – Learn how to get seller leads

  14. Piggyback showing – Follow me to see how I show homes

  15. How to use – Electronic lock box

  16. Setting up an appointment – The correct way

  17. Scheduling 4-5 showings in one day 45 minutes apart

  18. Social Media – Set up

  19. Facebook page set up

  20. Listing appointments and listing presentation help

  21. And More

Why should I pick Lauren as my Miami real estate mentor 

Lauren Hershey has an excellent track record as a successful Miami real estate agent turned Mentor and Realtor at Coldwell Banker Realty; joining Lauren Hershey’s Miami Real Estate Mentor Program in Coral Gables is a wise investment for anyone looking to excel in real estate. Are you ready to become a successful real estate agent?

Join Lauren’s program today and step towards a successful career in the real estate industry.

So why choose Lauren Hershey the Miami Real Estate Mentor in Coral Gables? She genuinely cares about helping others achieve their goals. Her passion for teaching and extensive knowledge make her an invaluable resource for any aspiring agent.

Joining Lauren Hershey’s real estate program means having a dedicated coach by your side every step – from learning the basics to becoming a top-performing agent in no time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity; sign up now and take control of your success in real estate!

P.S – Do you have a great story about why you became a real estate agent? I would love to hear it.

Here’s mine.

My realtor at the time was helping me rent a condo in North Bay Village. I did my walkthrough, and everything went great. My building had a restaurant that sold empanadas. My agent asked me if I wanted one, and I said sure. She reached in her purse, pulled out an envelope with a massive wad of money, winked at me. She said, ” Do you want to go to the BMW store with me so I can pick out a car? I was like, “Heck, yes, I’m ready. She paid the car cash, winked at me again, and said, ” I cashed my commission check today. The next day, I went to Gold Coast schools and registered for real estate school. When I graduated, she was my mentor.

Miami Real Estate Mentor In Coral Gables

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