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Hi! My name is Lauren Hershey. I’m a local Brickell real estate expert, realtor, and SEO marketing machine. Looking to sell your Brickell condo or house on your own, without a realtor? Why not take some of my advice! It’s free, after all. As a local area expert, I’m happy to share that I’m 100% familiar with all condos for sale in Brickell.


In beginning your research, it’s best to assess how long Brickell homes are typically remaining on the market and examine what has sold, is pending, and is still available for sale. That way, we can determine how much your condo is worth. Let’s get started! IS BRICKELL A GOOD PLACE TO LIVE


  1. Blog

Write a blog about Brickell real estate and how you are looking to sell your condo yourself—diving into each and every detail about the Brickell neighborhood, the building, amenities, and how wonderful it is to be within walking distance of all the best restaurants (including Sexy Fish). I love that place! You get the point.


  1. SEO Keywords

Did you notice how I’ve made sure to include the phrases “Brickell condo for sale,” “Brickell real estate,” and “Brickell homes” in my writing thus far? Let me explain. The more SEO keywords you have, the higher your site will rank on Google for those very same search terms.


TRUST ME—THIS WORKS. Keep reading!


  1. Alt Images

Attaching keywords to your images is just as important as your blog keywords themselves, as optimizing your pictures for your blog (and Pinterest!) can help you rank even higher.


Hire a professional photographer and save each picture with the keywords listed below (“file,” then “save as”):

  1. Brickell condo for sale
  2. For sale Brickell condo
  3. Brickell real estate
  4. The name of the building itself (e.g., “SLS LUX”), if you live in a luxury building

Brickell Condo for sale –


  1. Head to Canva.com

Create 6-7 ads that each look entirely different from one another, giving us the opportunity to easily figure out which design works best. Take these images and post them on Pinterest every day using different hashtags (to help bring out-of-state buyers, mostly women looking to relocate). If you don’t nab any quick leads, however, don’t panic! Your blog will eventually get so many hits, you’ll land in the No. 1 spot on Google within 2-5 weeks. NOTE: You MUST attach the custom URL when posting on Pinterest and save the image using a keyword (URL example: www.SLSbrickellcondoforsale.com). FYI: Animals sell, so if you have a dog, cat, or bird, you’ll automatically connect with prospective buyers.

Brickell condo

Brickell condo

5, Social Media

Let’s go live, people! Let your personality shine through, crack some jokes, and tell everyone you’re selling your beautiful Brickell condo at the SLS Lux. Announce your plans to host an open house on Saturday from 12 pm–2 pm with a warm invitation for all to join the festivities and enjoy some wine and cheese during the event.


6, Advertise your Brickell Condo for Sale

Place your listing on popular real estate websites such as Realtor.com, Zillow, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook groups, Pinterest, Craigslist, Instagram, Next Door, Hot Pads, and Twitter.

7, Email

Email everyone and anyone—yep, that includes Uncle Bill—to let them know you’re selling your Brickell condo and hosting an open house this Saturday from 12 pm–2 pm.




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